Monday, March 1, 2010

First Things First...

Hey Everyone, Welcome to the Inconceivable Comics Blog! Jesse and I have a great desire to put out some Amazing sequential art for your enjoyment.

My first foray into comics publishing comes to you in the form of a no-nonsense, sword wielding, goblin slaying, squirrel named Rorik. Issue #1 is available now at Click on the link to see 6 full pages from the comic.

Jesse's first comic endeavor is called Oshin. It's a celtic fairy tale and will carry a mature readers label. It should be available for purchase by early March.

In an effort to get the word out we've set up a Facebook Fanpage and a
Merchandise Shop stocked full of everything from T-shirts to Throw Pillows.

We will also be appearing at this years MegaCon in Orlando, FL from March 12-14th. You can find us in Artist Alley in section Brown 18.
Be sure to check back often for info on new products, preview artwork, and much much more!

Thanks for the support.
-Brian James Fichtner
co-founder of Inconceivable Comics

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